Digital Marketing

From content and email marketing to paid advertising in social media, I make it easier for brands to get found and make money online. 

Web Design

Online is the place to be - I can help you get there. I create beautiful, effective websites that are friendly to any budget.


Sometimes you're not sure where to start or how to take your business to the next level. I'll help you navigate the wide world of digital.

Hey There, I'm Renita

Marketer, Strategist, & Driver of All Things Digital

I was the kid that preferred to watch TV commercials instead of changing the channel. For as long as I can remember, I've been obsessed with the way brands communicated with customers. Now, my obsession has evolved into creating effective campaigns for both B2B & B2C brands. Simply put, I make marketing make sense - for any business on any budget. I help companies transform their marketing processes for scalable growth.

I'm always open to new opportunities to build, brand, and expand. Just tell me your goals, and I'll help you get there.

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What's It Like to Work with Me?

Akshai Wadhwani

Executive Assistant to the CEO

“Renita's level of knowledge and experience makes her an asset to both ideation and execution; she is capable of bothconceptualizing/drafting a project and executing that project to completion, entirely independently if necessary. Renita was frequently tasked with ideating and executing high-pressure, tight-turnaround projects on her own that would normally be the workload of an entire department. She accepted these projects with grace, flexibility, and fortitude and produced exceptional results.”

Larry Swayne

Branding & Communications Professional

“Renita was an absolute asset to our team at EOS. Her can-do attitude and passion for analytics consistently helped us find the root of the problem and address it with a marketing solution that was digestible for the audience and our team. Our engagement grew exponentially through her work, and she proved invaluable during our org. rebrand and the development of our new website. She is resourceful, creative, and a joy to work with. If you're looking for a knowledgeable, effective anchor for your marketing team, look no further.”

Raleigh Decker

Senior Director

“I love working with Renita because not only is her smart, but she is fun. She is thoughtful and voices her opinion articulately and persuasively.”

Stasha Willis

Equity in Education Advocate

“I had the pleasure of collaborating with Renita at Equal Opportunity Schools. In her role as the Director of Brand Marketing, she excelled at balancing multiple projects. Renita’s attention to detail could be seen through her proficiency in marketing analytics and proactive campaign monitoring. Renita was willing to go above and beyond to serve in the mentor capacity, as new marketing practices were implemented throughout the organization. I would highly recommend working with Renita and believe she would be a strong addition to any team.”

Erica Merritt

Marketing & Product Manager

“One of the great things about Renita is that she has a winning personality. In addition to her positive and upbeat attitude, Renita is highly intelligent, poised, confident, and funny. She knows how to identify untapped marketing strategies and create opportunity for growth.”

Autumn Robinson

Strategic Outreach & Event Planning Professional

“Renita has the pulse on what strategies build a brand. She is not afraid to step out of the box and invites others to join her in innovation. Not only does Renita excel as a marketer, she is a valuable member on any team because of the unique perspectives she brings to the table. The intentionality and simplicity of her work is both impactful and refreshing.”

Maurice Woods

Chief Strategy Officer

“Not only does Renita have the vision, but she also possesses the drive and communication skills to successfully implement her plans.”